In 2005 I began my journey into the magical world of photography.  Primarily self taught combined with an inherited eye from my dad, I learned to see the beauty of the world around me.  I gained a greater appreciation for the state I live in and I came to see it as one of the most beautiful states in this country.  There is nothing like seeing the terrain, plants, animals and random bits that you typically wouldn't notice, until seen through the lens of a camera.

I started photography as a hobby, focusing on the mountains of East Tennessee and random wildlife.  But, soon it morphed into so much more.  It became a passion, a dream job, and an opportunity to make people see things in themselves they never saw before.

By combining my passion for vintage pinup and people I have made it a point to bring out the best in those I shoot and show them what I see when I look at them.  Uniqueness, beauty, and life. 

Soon I hope to continue my career in photography by attending SCAD and learning more about this amazing field that I am honored to be a part of.  I hope to work with you soon to create memories and have loads of fun. 

And like I tell most people, I'm just a short, chubby, goofball with a camera,  Come prepared to laugh and wonder what I put in my Wheaties.  :)

Christy Baird

Atomic City Photography